Welcome to Hard Rock Game Ranch - Northern Cape, South-Africa

No Hunting for 2019

Due to severe drought in the Northern Cape, we will not offer any hunting for 2019. Please check in again end of 2019 for an update.

General Rules:

  1. Full payment of total daily rate is required to secure a hunt.
  2. In case of special packages full payment of the total amount is required to secure hunt.
  3. Deposits are non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.
  4. All hunters must be in the possession of a Northern Cape hunting licence and a weapon licence.
  5. An indemnity must be signed prior to the hunt.
  6. Hunting rifles to be zeroed on the farm.
  7. No pets allowed.
  8. No alcohol to be used in hunting field.
  9. All fire-arms to be locked in safe after hunt.
  10. Please keep environment clean.
  11. Animals wounded and not recovered will be paid in full.
  12. No meat may be removed from farm without a clearance certificate from the farm owner.
  13. Compensation for any damages to farm property applicable.
  14. Costs for use of butchery facilities and equipment available on request.
  15. In case of hunting a trophy the daily rate will be increased to the daily rate of trophy hunting for the duration of the hunt.
  16. No alcohol allowed on hunting vehicle during hunting.